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I have created this area of my website as an area for others to open up and share their own what I call Interdimensional Experiences.

Here is an explanation of the terms taken from for those who do not yet understand what an Interdimensional Experiencer is:

INTERDIMENSIONAL: A modern theory about the nature of alien encounters is that they may be a form of contact between different dimensions of reality. This concept is reminiscent of the theological concept that reality is comprised of material and spiritual levels.
Alternately, it is thought that if the beings are from the same dimension of reality as ourselves, then the beings’ form of travel may somehow involve passing through different dimensions to overcome distances and time.

EXPERIENCER: One who is aware of their alien encounter experiences. This term was popularized by Dr. John Mack (notably at the MIT Abduction Study Conference in 1992) in an effort to provide neutral terminology for the experiences. Some people who have had such experiences prefer this term over words that carry implied explanations or intentions, such as “alien abductee” or “victim.”
Despite the intent for “experiencer” to be a neutral term, it is typically applied to those who believe they can learn something of value from their experiences, or who may feel there is an element of cooperation or active participation in the experiences.

A factional dispute therefore exists, with those who disagree with these ideas sometimes resenting “experiencers” for failing to validate their sense of victimization. This dispute is ironic in light of the fact that “experiencers” also report “abductions”; they simply do not define themselves by that particular experience.

Credit for these explanations goes to Xperiencers

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Interdimensional Experiences

Your experience may also be included in our blog or other areas of the site as well. Thank you for sharing your experiences with me so that others may benefit from them and gain in understanding.

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