Angels, Aliens & Guitars - More Than a Book, it's an Experience . . .

Each and every one of us is really just writing our book, on the golden tablets of the universe.
-David Douglas Bunker

David Douglas Bunker an artist, luthier, inventor and musician refers to himself as a dreamer. In David's love for music he has performed along side of such greats as Barbara Mandrell, Louise Mandrell, Waylon Jennings, Judy Lynn, Elvis, the Everly Brothers, Merle Haggard and many others. Through David's gift to dream he has designed and built many industry-recognized innovations: individual bridge designs, the Magnum bridge, pickup designs, electronic mute technologies and more. One of his fascinating creations is his amazing Touch Guitar, an instrument designed with two necks, one to play lead guitar and one to play bass with a tapping technique that has thrilled, fascinated and entertained audiences worldwide.

It is our lack of acceptance and fear of the power to believe in the very subject we seek to understand that prevent us from understanding the world which lies beyond.
-David Douglas Bunker

A Little Out of Your Body Logic

what, or who, is truly the real you? we all are Supermen and Superwomen. Even the youngest child is almost like the Superman we watched in the movies, but even more powerful. “We just have not accepted it yet, on our trek to Immortality.” You will fly to worlds beyond grandeur. You can be anything you want to be. You have the power to overcome extreme health issues and mortal death and you will when you are in command of yourself. It is only you who can light this fire.

Mine was a war between, what I believe was the life, death or the stagnation of my Soul; this was my eternal chance and turning point; armor was dusted upon me by my GUARDIAN ANGELS
Dave eyes were opened to a great world of spiritual communication surrounding all of us. As he studied and experienced these “Signs and the Happenings” throughout his life he was to realize that it was a gift for everyone if only they would reach up and connect with this MAGNIFICENT POWER.


"It was many years later that I would really understand the importance of Angels that God lends to us for support in our lives."


"It is our lack of acceptance and fear of the power to believe in the very subject we seek to understand that prevents us from understanding the world which lies beyond."


Guitars for box

Guitar Player Magazine called Dave Bunker an extremist in guitar innovation and said his guitars were twenty years ahead of their time.

  • This is so awesome!!!!! No way the world won’t be pulled in to check this out, it is really worth the read!!!!!
    Brenda M.
  • This biographical book will draw you in with vivid impressions and ideas throughout the events of a remarkable life proving again and again: we are not alone. This book will effect your own life as well.
    Marilynn Joy
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You'll never be the same again
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