The Bunker “Electronic Mute”


Made from the finest woods this instrument has a range of sounds from the brightest country sound to the most mellow tone you could ever imagine, with everything else in between.

The Back Side of the TG2001 is all wood with snap out ebony or rosewood covers for easy 9-Volt battery access and the Touch Guitar will run for 20 hours on just one battery. We’ve even included an a/c adapter which provides phantom power operation.

Our amazing individual Hexophonic Pickups combined with the Electronic Mute ™ is absolutely the finest combination of sounds you can acquire for Touch style and Hammer-on style playing.

The Hexophonic Pickups is used on all of our Touch Guitars™ and Electro-Mute™ Guitars and Basses are the heart of our product line. Our great sounds give you the best of all worlds and our pickups are available separately for those who wish to modify their current instrument. We have pickup models for all standard size guitar and bass applications.

The Electro-Mute™ (shown above) is at the center of our dynamic Muting System. This patented technology keeps each string turned-off 100% until you touch or pick it, thereby completely eliminating all unwanted noise. This creates dynamic new sounds never before possible.

What is an Electro-Mute™ ?

The Electro-Mute™ is our patented device which enables the strings to be off at all times, which eliminates all Hum, Hiss and other noises.


You’ll get no unwanted sound when you remove your fingers from the strings, especially, going from note to note. You also do not get the pick noise or the sound of your finger touching a live on string. The string is only on after it touches the fret and is off when your finger leaves the fret, making it the purest sound you could ever get. The system also adds over forty percent more high and low frequencies. This and other innovations is why Bunker instruments . Come into our showroom and hear, we’re sure you’ll agree.


Dynamic 6-Sense! Another feature which allows you to play open notes and fret touched notes is the 6-Sense effect. The 6-Sense has two trim pots which allow you to set how hard the string must be picked before sound will be heard and how long the string sounds (or plays) until it turns itself off again. This effect works on both the Bass and Guitar necks of the Touch Guitar.

What is even more is that the Touch Guitar™ has a defeat switch which lets you turn off the Electro-Mute™ on either the Bass or the Guitar. This lets you play the bass neck in the normal picked method.


The Dave Bunker Method Book©

“Play a full Bass and a Guitar at the same time!”

This is the first ever double neck Touch Guitar Method book. This book will help you learn to play music on the Touch guitar with ease. So take your skills and talents to new heights.

Call and order your book today.

Single string “Hex Pickups”

Each string has its own individual pickup combined with the electronic mute system.



The Bunker “Individual Bridges”

With the Bunker Independent Bridge Design… Notes sound crisp, vibrant and clear and sustain is increased too!



This eliminates vibrations between strings, which at low frequencies, causes standard type bridges to sound muddy.

Machined with the care normally afforded a fine Swiss watch, ingots of quality Bell Brass and fine steel are transformed into elegant, precision devices. They are even equipped with Fine-tuners for each string to help make “tuning-on-the-fly” a breeze.

These fine bridges are included on all of our solid body basses. They are also available as retro-fit parts that come in a kit with full documentation for easy installation on the bass you already own.

Wishbone Bridge System


Tensions Free necks for more “Sustain and Tone”


The “Magnum Guitar bridge”

With this Bunker Designed “MAGNUM” Bridge, you get solid contact between the bridge and your guitar top for the greatest possible fullness and sustain. Machined from Bell Brass (not cast) and hand polished to perfection.

Each string has it’s own Gold or Chrome plated intonater with up to 5 different height available to accommodate any fingerboard radius you may have. The “MAGNUM” Bridge also features our “16 way” adjustment with over 5/8 of an inch of intonation movement and that means even the most stubborn guitar will intonate!

We install these fine bridges on all of our solid body Guitars, They are also available as retro-fit parts that come in a kit with full documentation for easy installation.

With the Bunker Magnum Bridge Design… Notes will sound crisp, vibrant and clear and sustain is increased too!

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Instruments Dave Built Featured With the Magnum Individual Bridges

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